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The Audi collection – more Audi.

Beautifully made. Beautifully designed. Faultlessly functional. All the qualities that distinguish our cars can also be found in the Audi Collection, from leisurewear and personal accessories to products designed to enhance the pleasure of driving and owning an Audi. Take a look through the Audi Collection…and show your pride.

You will find an exclusive list of the most beautiful gift ideas in the Audi Collection – selected to enhance your love of all things Audi.

Bags & leather goods – simply stylish.

Every single Audi collection accessory reflects the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. Select materials and high-quality workmanship ensure superb quality. Our current leather accessory collection also puts function at centre stage – elegantly accentuated by a clear, pure style.

Accessories – essential optional extras.

Admittedly, you can do without them. But life is significantly more pleasant with a few constant companions. Accessories enliven our everyday lives. They are both an expression of individual style and create a sense of personal well-being. Audi accessories are distinguished by their outstanding designs and choice quality.

Sports & travel – discover the world of Audi.

Of all the activities that brighten up our leisure time, sport and travel are right up there at the fore. For many people, being sporty is a lifestyle choice which expresses itself in lots of everyday items. Travel and holidays are the best time of the year for many people. Audi has come up with state-of-the-art products for both these areas that combine practicality, quality and design in outstanding ways.

Clothing & textiles – for brand appeal.

Products bearing the Audi brand logo will always stand out against any background. What we call “Vorsprung durch Technik” in relation to cars has been interpreted in entirely diff erent ways in our other product areas – an aesthetic best defined by a focus on functionality and simple, understated design. Audi textiles are timelessly modern, making them an expression of individual attitude – characterised by the four rings logo.

Audi kids – Audi from the word go.

Kids love being allowed access to the world of adults. Doing things like grown-ups seems to them to be something worth striving for and brands that carry meaning for their parents are often a hit with children too. For all Audi fans, young and old, we present the Audi kids collection.

Classics – simply timeless.

What today is long since part of the past was once the future. Throughout the history of the automobile, Auto Union cars that bore the four rings emblem have constantly achieved milestones in innovation and technology. Each new generation of the DKW, Horch, Wanderer, NSU and Audi brands represented a step into the future, as continues to be the case today. These classic accessories are an expression of this great automotive past and of the values to which Audi is committed in the future.

Audi miniatures

A passionate interest in Audi miniatures involves much more than just collecting: each model is true-to-scale and documents current as well as historical vehicles in the Audi range.

Audi miniatures have been produced using original surface data: such exact specifications can only lead to unmistakable and unique pieces. You’ll be spoilt for choice with this comprehensive range of models including many new additions, covering several decades of an automotive success story.