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Audi Grandsphere concept

Future is an attitude

Join us on the journey

The future is an attitude for Audi. Where others see impossibilities, we see possibilities. Discover how we’re driving change – making our technology even more intelligent, our cars produce less driving emissions, and our experiences more meaningful. Because when technology and humanity work hand in hand, we can drive a better tomorrow.

Designing the future

Dreaming the impossible and making it real: Audi concept cars are designed to push the boundaries towards an electric future. This is where Vorsprung durch Technik takes shape.

The Audi Skysphere concept

The Audi activesphere concept The Audi activesphere concept combines functionality with elegance and comfort for a sophisticated, active lifestyle – complemented by AR and a holistic digital ecosystem.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale.

Towards a better future with electric mobility

Electric mobility is the key to more sustainable mobility worldwide. That's why Audi globally have set the goal of offering 30 electrified vehicles by 2025, 20 of which are purely electric cars that do not produce any CO₂ emissions locally in electric mode. For us, electric mobility is the central element of a more sustainable and climate-friendly transportation system.

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    Commitment to renewable energy

    Learn about Audi Australia’s commitment to using 100 percent renewable energy.

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    Sustainable products

    Explore Audi sustainable products — from electric mobility, to renewable fuels and e-gas.

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    Sustainability roadmap

    Discover how Audi drives change with our roadmap to building a sustainable future.

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    Sustainable supply chain

    Learn how Audi suppliers play a key role in our success, when it comes to sustainability.

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Progressive people

A progressive mindset and a commitment to their craft. In a new feature, some of our collaborators tell of their passion for progress and share some of the insights that have made them leaders in their fields.

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    Casting the creative net

    Meet Hayden Cox, the man behind Haydenshapes and Futureflex, and his enviro-friendly approach to design.

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Four steps to progress

Driving change means inspiring people, testing limits, and ultimately, changing the world. To achieve this we define progress in four ways: Performance, Design, Sustainability and Digitalisation.

Future is an attitude - Take responsibility

Take Responsibility

The future is electric. As well as offering an increasing number of battery-powered cars, like the new e-tron Sportback, we're looking at home to increase our contribution to resolving global challenges.

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Future is an attitude - Design


Audi design not only creates truly stunning vehicles but also the space for experiences.Read all about the power of innovation and inspiration in design.

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Future is an attitude - Digitalisation


Our lives are connected. That shouldn't stop when you climb into your car. In an Audi, it means being able to monitor your car via the myAudi app. Lock and unlock, check fuel or charge, send routes, remember where you've parked - and more. All from your device.

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Future is an attitude - Performance


Inspirational engineering has always been an Audi trademark. Especially for models made by Audi Sport, where the technology for cars designed for the race track finds itself in cars built for the road.

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The Audi vehicle for the Dakar Rally, on sand

A new era in motor sport

Motor sport not only writes history – but also the future. We test limits and push boundaries in competition. Many technical concepts can be tested on race tracks for possible future use in series production. This is what we mean by progress – for the Audi brand and also for Audi Sport.

This vehicle is the Rally Dakar vehicle that is not available as a production model.

The Audi vehicle for the Dakar Rally, on sand

Inspired by challenges: Racing at Audi

From Neuburg on the Danube to the desert of Saudi Arabia. From legendary circuits to no less legendary rally tracks, from quattro to e-­tron: Learn everything about the different racing series, the customer sport commitment and experience the fascination of motorsport made by Audi.

This vehicle is the Rally Dakar vehicle that is not available as a production model.

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This is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production vehicle.