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Life. Unrestrained.

Uncompromising luxury and exhilarating performance are hallmarks of the Audi SUV range of vehicles. The ultimate lifestyle choice, the exciting ‘Q’ range of SUVs includes compact SUV’s to large SUV models as well as high-performance SUVs and all-electric variants for an Audi SUV to suit every lifestyle.

Large SUV

The epitome of automotive luxury and performance with the size and versatility of a large SUV – Audi’s model offerings in this space are without peer. From the superb seven-seat Audi Q7 to its performance stablemate the SQ7, size meets sophistication. Topping the brand’s large SUV offering, the Audi Q8 is effectively a limousine reimagined as an SUV, while the SQ8 and ultimate, RS Q8 turn the performance quotient up to increasingly impressive heights.

Medium SUV

One of the brand’s most popular models, the Audi Q5 in all its guises is the undisputed leader in the luxury medium SUV class. The perfect blend of size, practicality, driving dynamics and technology, these models are available in either SUV or Sportback styling. These medium SUVs also sport a range of powerplants from powerful and efficient TFSI to plug-in hybrid electric power right through to the celebrated SQ5 performance models.

Small SUV

Occupying the small or compact SUV class, the Audi Q2 and Q3 models provide luxurious accommodation for up to five adults as well as delivering on performance and practicality. From the urban SUV, the Q2 and its sportier SQ2 sibling with their distinctive polygonal design language, to the Q3 models and high-performance RS Q3 variants, all available as Sportback – these small Audi SUVs are small in classification only. Arresting design, luxurious appointment and performance levels to satisfy all tastes, the Audi Q2 and Q3 models represent the pinnacle of the small/compact SUV ranks.

Electric SUV

All of the luxury, style and driving dynamics Audi is famous for in an all-electric SUV – the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback models represent the future of mobility. At once familiar in their drivability and yet featuring cutting-edge electric drive with dual electric motors, the Audi e-tron models and their performance siblings, the e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback with their unique three-motor configuration take the very concept of the luxury SUV into the electric age.

Plug-in Hybrid SUV

The lightning acceleration and emission-free qualities of all-electric, mated with the extended range of an efficient TFSI engine make the Audi PHEV SUV a perfect amalgamation of technologies. The ability to choose all-electric around town or employ petrol power for longer journeys make models like the Audi Q5 TFSI e or the Audi Q5 TFSI e Sportback the ideal vehicle for those environmentally-conscious owners seeking the best of both worlds.