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Every Audi, including our fully electric cars, have built in innovation. From forward-thinking navigation that builds charging into your journey, to innovative driving systems and sophisticated batteries — smarter driving is here.

Maximise your range when driving your e-tron

With so many variables affecting range, there are several things you can do to help maximize it when driving your e-tron.

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    Modulate your speed to help optimise range, simply by using regenerative braking and the accelerator pedal, which can be adjusted with the steering wheel shift paddles. At the highest level you can maximise regeneration energy back to the battery by using regenerative braking, to help slow the vehicle. At the lowest level, the vehicle coasts — offering a more conventional driving experience.

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    Range maximisation

    There are many ways to maximise your range, including: using three-stage coasting energy recuperation on the steering wheel paddles, or, by activating range mode from the MMI system. You can use our online calculators to work out what kind of distance you can achieve — and how long you can expect your charging time to be.

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Estimated range

    Driving style, the outside temperature, and features like air conditioning are just a few of the many factors that can affect the range of an electric battery. If your electric Audi is displaying full battery, but your range is not as expected, this is normal. It occurs as a result of your car's intuitive range estimation algorithm, which considers prior travels. This range can increase as you drive through recuperation.

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    Find out how range is calculated.

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Connect with your Audi e-tron

A host of innovative technology solutions enhances the way you drive your Audi e-tron.

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    myAudi app

    Control your e-tron conveniently from your smartphone, with the myAudi app. Set the temperature, check the remaining charging time, performance or status of your vehicle, find charging stations, and more.

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    Audi Route planner

    On long journeys, it’s crucial to know where you need to plug in. That’s why, within your current range, the on-board navigation system looks ahead for charging stations along your route.

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    Range prognosis

    The range prognosis feature within the virtual cockpit on the Audi e-tron, estimates how far you can go over time by taking your battery charge level and an energy consumption forecast.

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    MMI touch response system

    Personalise your screen with the Audi e-tron MMI touch response system.

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    Audi Smartphone interface

    Get the most from your vehicle while on the road, with the Audi Smartphone interface. Connect to selected apps hands-free, while you’re on the go.

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    Audi connect plus

    Stay connected with the latest suite of Audi connect plus technology with features like intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder and roadside assistance.

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