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Audi electric mountain bike

powered by Fantic

Charged for the trail ahead

Inspired by the design of the Audi RS Q e-tron Rally Paris-Dakar racing car, the Audi electric mountain bike is an enduro bike that is suitable for a wide range of off road cycling, from relaxed cross country cruising to aggressive downhill descents. This high performance dual suspension e-mountain bike was developed by Audi in partnership with celebrated Italian manufacturer Fantic. The bike features alloy and carbon construction with a lightweight but powerful BROSE S-MAG electric motor to assist the rider in any terrain. The innovative design combines performance with a unique Audi look.




Approx range

up to 150





Details that make the difference

Always informed

The connectivity of the Audi electric mountain bike is displayed through its screen on the handlebars to give you up-to-date information on load, kilometres travelled, speed and more.

 Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions & Specifications


Audi electric mountain bike

powered by Fantic

*Actual range for pedal assistance depends on riding style, the assistance level used and other variables such as the terrain, ambient temperature and rider weight.
Before using the Audi electric moutainbike powered by Fantic, read the instruction manual.
Service, maintenance and warranty work is supported by local your local Fantic bike store at (https://fanticbikes.com.au/pages/contact)
Please check with your state or territory transport authority for further information about any requirements on where the product can be used.
Approved by the manufacturer for rider weighing up to 120 kg.