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Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Dealerships

Please contact one of our specialist e-tron and plug-in hybrid dealerships to answer any questions you may have, or to find your perfect model.

Alternatively, order your new e-tron or plug-in hybrid online.


Why is my nearest Audi dealer not available to select online for e-tron sales?
Due to the exceptional nature of EV models, there are specific requirements that an Audi e-tron dealer must meet. A select number of Audi dealers from our wider network are specialist e-tron dealers where you can experience an e-tron in person, and speak with expertly trained sales consultants.

Specialist e-tron dealers are also equipped with the necessary tools, qualifications and fast-charging infrastructure to diagnose, service and repair EVs.
How can I purchase an e-tron if my nearest dealer is not an e-tron specialist?
You can order an e-tron from anywhere in Australia through a specialist e-tron dealer by using our online ordering tool. Your preferred e-tron dealer will gladly discuss options for interstate deliveries.
What can I do if the e-tron I want is not available from my nearest e-tron dealer?
Contact your nearest e-tron dealer to discuss options for sourcing a specific car.
How do I service my e-tron if there is not an e-tron dealer nearby?
Any authorised Audi dealer nationwide can provide scheduled servicing and basic repairs for an e-tron model. A specialist e-tron dealer must carry out any High-Voltage diagnosis and electrical work.