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Electric Car Charging

Rapid electric car charging no matter where you are — at your destination, or on the road.

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    Home charging

    Plug in your electric vehicle at home, by setting up a home charging system with JET Charge.

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    Public charging

    Take advantage of public EV charging near freeways and large retailers, with the Chargefox, charging network.

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EV Charging

Cost effective EV vehicles have fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance. And with no need for petrol or diesel fuels, it could cost you up to 70% less to run your electric Audi than a traditional internal combustion engine.

Advanced battery technology

How to charge your electric Audi

Key charging information

The two main types of charging: AC & DC

AC Charging (alternating current)

● It is the type of current supplied to our homes and work by the National Grid.

● It is the most common type of current used for Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure at home and on the public network.

● To charge using this current, your electric Audi uses a Type 2 plug. This is the most common plug type in Australia.

● You can use the Type 2 (mode 3) AC charging cable that comes as standard on all electric Audis with your home charging unit or AC public charger (if untethered).

● Comes in two speeds: Slow (up to 3kW AC) and Fast (7-22kW AC).

● Home charging speeds depends on the hardware you have installed and will typically vary between 2.3kW and 11kW. Three phase power is required to achieve 11kW charging. Higher speeds of up to 22kW are possible with three phase power supply and the 22kW charger package (optional equipment).

DC Charging (direct current)

● This type of current offers faster charging speeds and tends to be delivered by specially installed charging units, usually those found on motorways and some large retailers.

● To charge using this current, your electric Audi uses a CCS (Combined Charging System) plug.

● All DC chargers will have specialist tethered cables attached to their units.

● There are two main types of DC chargers: Fast (50kW DC) and Ultra Rapid (100-350kW DC).

e-tron battery

Protecting your Audi battery

All Audi high-voltage batteries for Audi fully electric models have been designed to last the entire lifecycle of the car. They have been fully crash tested and come with an eight year, or 160,000 km warranty - whichever comes first. However, like a mobile phone battery, once your car’s battery passes 80% charge, the charging speed slows down to protect the battery’s longevity. In addition, for fully electric cars such as e-tron, we recommend when charging using DC chargers to set the charging target to 80%. This will accommodate most everyday journeys and will protect your battery. If you’re going on a longer journey, it’s fine to fully charge the battery.

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