Protecting your Audi

All current Audi models are equipped with advanced vehicle immobilisation systems to help deter theft, but as an owner you can take further precautions to protect your car.

When you collected your new Audi, you would have received two or three keys, depending on the model. This would always comprise of at least one remote control key (refer to A), and may also include a smaller, plastic spare key (refer to B) for emergency use.

Please note a plastic spare key is generally not provided with the following models:

  • Audi A1 and S1 models
  • Audi A3 and S3 models
  • Audi Q3 and RS Q3 models

Your preferred Audi dealer will be able to confirm the type and quantity of keys supplied with your vehicle if required.

Concealed keys and emergency key
Concealed keys and emergency key

As an owner, it is important to keep all of your keys stored in a safe place at all times.

The plastic spare key is intended for temporary use in emergency situations only. It can be used to manually unlock the doors and start the car.

If your Audi model is equipped with the convenience key option, it can be started as normal using the Start Engine/Stop button when the plastic key is inside the vehicle.

If your Audi model is not equipped with the convenience key option, you can use the plastic spare key to start the vehicle by inserting it directly into the ignition barrel located in the steering column, and turning in the direction indicated below.


On some Audi models, the ignition barrel is located in the centre dashboard. You will need the plastic spare key (refer to B) and the Adapter (refer to C) to start the ignition.


Take the Adapter out of the glove box and slide the plastic spare key all the way in with the Audi rings facing upwards until it locks into place. You can now use the plastic spare key to start your vehicle.


Please remember that the fixed holder in the glove box (refer to D) must only be used to store the Adapter, without the plastic spare key inserted. It is not a storage device for any vehicle keys.


Storing a spare key anywhere in your vehicle is a security risk because anyone who accesses the cabin can use it to start the engine and drive away. There may also be insurance implications if your vehicle is stolen and it was discovered that a spare key was inside at the time.

Be wary of leaving your vehicle and its key(s) with third parties, for example valet parking. There is a potential risk of additional keys being coded while in their possession.

Where fitted, lock your rear seats in position. This reduces risk of possessions being taken from the boot or accessing the cabin via the boot.

Should you require further information regarding the keys to your Audi, please refer to your Audi Owner’s Manual or contact your preferred Audi dealer.

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