New driving experience. Even more dynamic.

The engine in the Audi S3 Sedan.

Increased dynamism. 210 kW. From 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds with S tronic. Power that captivates you. 380 Nm. Distributed to four wheels. From the quattro all-wheel drive. Superior and standard.

Audi TFSI engines attain a particularly high compression rate. The result: outstanding efficiency combined with optimum performance. Substituting turbocharging for cubic capacity has the effect of reducing engine size and weight considerably – while performance is as impressively dynamic as ever.

The electronically controlled differential distributes variable amounts of drive force to the front and rear axles. This ensures outstanding acceleration performance in corners and stabilises the vehicle’s response to load change. It also improves direct steering characteristics and provides more agile handling.

S tronic®
The S tronic transmission combines the low fuel consumption of a manual transmission with the benefits of an automatic. The control ensures fast and consumption-reducing gear shifting in automatic mode. The large transmission-ratio spread of the S tronic allows the high gears to be used at very low engine speeds.