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Experience the excitement

Get behind the wheel to discover a new world of excitement with the Audi driving experience. Refine your technique, develop more skilled control at higher speeds and pursue greater levels of performance. The Audi driving experience has a specially-designed course to suit your experience and expectations.

From advanced programs, to the special challenges of ice driving, right through to the pure adrenalin of the Audi race experience, there is a program to suit every kind of driver. Improve your safety in all driving situations, polish your technique as you push yourself and the vehicle to new limits. Learn how to maximise your efficiency behind the wheel and heighten your driving pleasure.

Small class numbers and personalised tuition mean that the courses within the Audi driving experience deliver the highest quality of instruction and allow each participant to fully experience and enjoy real time behind the wheel.

Whether you have extensive experience, are looking to hone your skills to a keen edge, or are simply looking to make the most of your vehicle and your daily driving experience, there is a course that will suit you and meet your needs.

For those looking to take their driving experience to new places – literally – the exhilaration of the Audi ice experience in New Zealand or in Europe, coupled with the lifestyle aspects of these two standout programs, combine the highest level of driving instruction, with superb lifestyle activities and experiences.

Or, for those with adrenalin in their veins, and looking to make their way through the program tiers and ultimately take part in the Audi race experience, the Audi driving experience provides an automotive journey without equal.

Whatever your motivation or goals, everyone who undertakes an Audi driving experience course will benefit from the highest level of instruction, and get to test their mettle and the performance of Audi’s award-winning range of vehicles.

Performance. Precision. Passion.
It is all about the experience.

A big thank you to our Audi driving experience partners Pirelli, Vittoria Coffee and Clinique.