Audicare Roadside Assistance

Standard e-tron Wholesale Terms and Conditions
Audicare Roadside Assistance offers reliable and secure roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To access Audicare Roadside Assistance, simply call us on 1800 818 833. Please have the following information ready when you call:
- Your name and telephone number;
- Your breakdown location (stating the nearest cross street where possible);
- Your membership number and expiry date;
- Your vehicle registration number;
- A description of the problem.

Who is the Roadside Assistance Provider?
Roadside Assistance under your membership is provided by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as ‘Allianz Global Assistance’ (Allianz Global Assistance). Whenever you request roadside vehicle assistance under your membership, you will be making that request to Allianz Global Assistance, who will provide the services on the terms and conditions set out below. The terms and conditions contain exclusions and limitations.

Eligibility criteria
In order to be eligible for roadside assistance, your vehicle must be a roadworthy well-maintained vehicle. If your vehicle is not a roadworthy well-maintained vehicle, we may still arrange a roadside assistance provider to service your callout but we will inform you of the cost that will be charged to provide you with assistance. This cost will be your responsibility.

Please stay with your vehicle
Once a roadside service provider has been called, it is important that you remain with your vehicle if it is safe to do so. Should we arrive at the scene of the breakdown and the vehicle is unattended, we will be unable to carry out any work and payment may be required for any subsequent callouts to assist with the same incident. If you require assistance and have to leave your vehicle for safety reasons, please advise the customer service assistant at the time of the initial call.

Once our customer service assistant receives your call, we will provide general advice about the operation of your vehicle. If your vehicle is immobilised, we will provide an over-the-phone diagnosis (where possible) to get your vehicle mobilised.

Roadside assistance
If our customer service assistant is unable to get your vehicle mobilised over the telephone, we will dispatch a service provider to assist in the following ways:

Flat batteries
For flat batteries, please refer to the towing limits outlined below.
Flat tyres
If you find yourself with a flat tyre, we will change it with the vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or use the tyre repair kit (if available). If your vehicle is not equipped with a spare wheel or tyre repair kit, we will transport the vehicle to your preferred Audi dealer, or an approved tyre outlet or authorised repairer, whichever is the nearest (subject to the towing/transportation limits). Should additional services be required beyond this due to multiple flat tyres, the spare tyre being unserviceable, replacement wheel studs/nuts not being available or locking wheel nut key not available, towing will be provided at your cost.
Lost or locked keys
If you lose your keys or lock them in your vehicle, we will provide all reasonable assistance (subject to proof of ownership shown) to:
- locate and deliver a spare key or
- arrange for the driver to retrieve the spare key, if this is more practical; or
- gain access to your vehicle (once a consent and indemnity form has been signed by you).

In all other situations where the key is not available, we will arrange to transport the vehicle to an authorised repairer, where the appropriate entry methods may be used. We will not be responsible for any damage incurred, or for any repair costs that result from gaining access to the vehicle or moving the vehicle while it is locked. A limit of $150.00 (inc. GST) applies to this benefit. All additional costs are your responsibility.
If your vehicle cannot be mobilised at the breakdown location, we will deliver your vehicle to either the nearest Audi dealer, or your preferred Audi dealer, provided your preferred Audi dealer is no more than 40 kilometres beyond the nearest Audi dealer.
If the breakdown has occurred after business hours, we will arrange for your vehicle to be stored at a secure facility and delivered to the authorised repairer the next working day. For e-tron models, we will arrange towing either to the nearest charging point, the nearest Audi dealer or to your home, whichever is the nearest within towing limits.
Accident Coordination
Following an accident, we will coordinate towing arrangements and will also provide advice on accident procedures. If required, we will coordinate alternative transport to enable you to continue your journey. All accident towing and alternative transport costs are your responsibility.
(Note that these costs, subject to the payment of any excess, may be recoverable from your insurance company under an appropriate insurance policy. You will be responsible for contacting your insurance company.)
Bogged vehicle
We will, at your cost, attend and recover your vehicle from a bogged situation provided that reasonable and safe access is available to a conventional two wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is necessary. All costs will be your responsibility.
Caravan & Trailer Assistance
If your vehicle suffers a breakdown and requires transportation to a repairer, we will coordinate transport of the attached caravan or trailer to the same repairer or nearest safe location at your cost.
If your vehicle cannot be mobilised due to a breakdown and must be transported to the nearest authorised repairer, we will provide one taxi ride per incident, to a maximum value of $100.00 (inc. GST) so you and your passengers can continue your journey to your intended destination.
Emergency accommodation
If your vehicle is immobilised by a breakdown for more than 24 hours and you are more than 70 kilometres from your home, we will provide five (5) nights of accommodation up to the value of $150.00 (inc. GST) per night (room cost only) should you decide to remain with your vehicle while it is repaired locally, or if alternative transport is unavailable. Any amounts charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost. This benefit will stop once your vehicle has been repaired. In addition to five (5) nights of emergency accommodation, we will provide a rental vehicle for up to three (3) days to a value of $100.00 (inc. GST) per day.
Car rental
If your vehicle is immobilised by a breakdown, we will provide a rental vehicle for up to ten (10) days. Any amount charged in excess of this limit will be at your cost. You will be responsible for all fuel costs, toll charges, insurance excess reduction, excess kilometre charges, any traffic infringements, relocation fees, any damage and any excess or insurance waivers on the rental vehicle. Rental vehicle benefits cease on the day the vehicle has been repaired. Cannot be used in conjunction with Emergency Accommodation &/or Alternative Transportation.
Alternative transportation
Should hotel accommodation or a rental vehicle be unavailable following the immobilisation of your vehicle due to a breakdown (for more than 24 hours) and you are more than 70 kilometres from your home, we will transport you and up to four of your passengers to your home or to your intended destination up to the value of $450.00 (inc. GST). Any amounts charged in excess of this will be at your cost.
Vehicle relocation
Vehicle relocation will be provided where your vehicle has a breakdown more than 70 kilometres from your home and cannot be repaired on the same day. If you have left the vehicle to continue your journey, vehicle relocation will be provided to deliver the vehicle, once repaired, to your home or intended destination (whichever is the nearest) where the distance between you and the selected authorised repairer is greater than 70 kilometres. Alternatively, return transport will be provided to enable the driver to pick up the repaired vehicle.
Urgent message relay
Following a breakdown or accident, we will relay urgent messages to family, friends or business associates likely to be affected or concerned by the disruption or delay and/or provide advice on local transport options and alternatives.
Legal advice
Telephone legal advice is available from one of our preferred legal firms for preliminary advice on any matter involving the use or ownership of your vehicle. Advice is confidential and there are no consultation fees or telephone charges. It does not extend to written advice, preparation of briefs or personal interviews.
Medical advice
Urgent telephone medical advice provided by a qualified nurse or doctor is available 24 hours a day. Medical advice will also be extended to any direct family members if they are travelling with you or if they are at home while you are travelling. You will be responsible for all associated medical costs.
Property Assistance
Should any unforeseen household emergency arise due to fire, flood, storm, earthquake or burglary, whilst travelling away from your home in your vehicle, we will arrange for the appropriate provider to attend the driver’s home and minimise further loss or damage and ensure personal safety. We will arrange the assistance, however, all repair costs, supervision and authorisation of repairs are your responsibility.

Exclusions and limitations
We provide general roadside assistance. We will not be responsible for the cost of any parts or components for the roadside repair of the vehicle, other than minor breakdown repairs. Please note:

1. We will not be responsible or liable for any additional or increased costs and expenses incurred as a result of the vehicle being outside a service area.

2. Subject to the statutory consumer guarantees and remedies available to you under the Australian Consumer Law and except to the extent caused by our negligence or our agents or service providers, we are not required to provide the roadside assistance services and will not be responsible or liable for any costs and expenses (or any increased costs or expenses) incurred in connection with or as a result of:
a) the vehicle not being registered on our roadside assistance system where membership data is stored;
b) the vehicle being unregistered;
c) the vehicle being unattended;
d) the vehicle being involved or connected to any form of motor sports (including driving on a racetrack or competing in organised road or off-road rallies);
e) vehicle abuse or neglect by you (as reasonably determined by us or Audi);
f) you failing to use reasonable care with the vehicle;
g) failure by you to conduct regular preventative vehicle maintenance or provision of inappropriate repair or maintenance to the vehicle;
h) repeated service calls due to member related faults;
i) failure by you to comply with any instructions or directions provided with or attached to the vehicle;
j) accident damage, any damage arising from or caused by an impact or collision or accidental damage of any nature, any attempted or successful theft or break-in of the vehicle (but excluding the provision of and cost of providing any accident-related services which we agree to arrange or provide);
k) failure by you to comply with instructions reasonably provided by us, our agents or service providers;
l) failure by you to comply with any applicable road laws or regulations;
m) caravans or trailers (subject to the specific benefits set
out above);
n) bogged vehicles, except where access is available and is trafficable by a two wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is necessary. Should specialist equipment and/or towing become necessary, additional costs are your responsibility. Drivers will be advised of this
condition prior to attendance by a service provider and the provision of this service is at our discretion;
o) vehicles operating as taxis, limousines, rental vehicles, hire vehicles;
p) heavy haulage vehicles or vehicles that, in our opinion, require a heavy haulage towing provider due to the weight, length, width or height of your vehicle.

3. Where we incur costs under item 2 above, you will be responsible for the cost and must make payment in the amount and manner as advised by us. Additionally, if any of those events result in more than 5 callouts per year, we will be entitled to suspend your membership by giving you 30 days prior written notice with an explanation of the decision.

4. Services provided by us are also subject to:
- Resources being reasonably available in the vicinity of the breakdown or problem;
- Any circumstance reasonably considered to be beyond our control (including but not limited to poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, cyclonic conditions, snow fall and flooding, as well as war, strikes, civil commotion,
unexpected traffic conditions and telecommunication failures);
- Areas being trafficable by a two wheel drive recovery vehicle;
- Vehicle accident or traffic congestion;
- Restricted access area requirements.

5. We have no obligation to pay for costs incurred in service calls where your vehicle is immobile in a workshop undergoing repairs, or undergoing mechanical or electrical repairs at your premises. We are not responsible or liable for any costs arising from work carried out by an authorised repairer, and all repairs and costs for repairs undertaken by the repairer are your responsibility.

Transfer of membership
Your membership is fully transferable to the new owner of the vehicle at any time during the membership period.
Please contact us on 1800 818 833.

Australian Consumer Law
Despite anything contained in these terms and conditions, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) gives you statutory rights including guarantees and remedies that cannot be excluded or modified by these terms and conditions.
The ACL guarantees and remedies include (depending on the type of failure, fault, or defect and whether major or minor) repair or replacement, a refund, compensation for reasonably foreseeable loss or damage, or a resupply of services if the goods or services do not meet the standards required by the ACL.

To offer or provide you with our products and services (or those we may offer or provide to you on behalf of our business partners) we, namely AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as ‘Allianz Global Assistance’, and our agents and representatives, collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information including sensitive information.

We usually collect it directly from you but sometimes from others depending upon the circumstances and the product involved. For instance, we may collect your personal information from our business partners who may have provided you with a product or service including but not limited to travel insurance, roadside assistance with a vehicle purchase, Overseas Student or Visitor Health Cover, or other assistance services we arrange or provide.

For example, your personal information may be collected from your family members and travel companions, doctors, and hospitals if you purchase our travel insurance and require medical assistance. Likewise, we collect personal information from universities and your agents if you inquire about or apply for our Overseas Student or Visitor Health Cover. We are the ‘data controller’ and responsible for ensuring your personal information is used and protected in accordance with applicable laws including the Privacy Act 1988 and sometimes European Law (the GDPR) where our activities are within its scope. Personal information we collect includes, for example, your name, address, date of birth, email address, and sometimes your medical information, passport details, bank account details, as well as other information we collect through devices like ‘cookies’ when you visit our website such as your IP address and online preferences.

We use your personal information to offer and provide our products and services and to manage your and our rights and obligations in connection with any products and services you have acquired. For instance, we use it to assess, process, and investigate any travel or health insurance claims, and to liaise with Government Departments when necessary.

We may also use it for product development, marketing (where permitted by law or with your consent but not in connection with some products or services such as credit card insurances), customer data analytics, research, IT systems maintenance and development, recovery against third parties, fraud investigations, and for other purposes with your consent or where permitted by law. We do not use sensitive information for marketing purposes or provide that information to any third parties for marketing.

Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties (some of whom are data processors) who assist us to carry out the above activities both inside and outside of Australia, such as claims management providers, travel agents and intermediaries, insurers, investigators, cost containment providers, medical and health service providers, universities and other education institutions, roadside assistance and towing providers, vehicle manufacturers, overseas data storage (including ‘cloud’ storage) and data handling providers, legal and other professional advisers, your agents and broker, your travel group leader if you travel in a group, your employer if you have a corporate travel policy, your bank if you are the beneficiary of the bank’s credit card insurances, insurance reference bureaux, and our related and group companies including Allianz. Some of these third parties may be located in other countries including in Europe, Asia, Canada, or the USA. We also, where necessary, disclose your personal information to Government Departments including for immigration and private health insurance purposes as well as to regulatory bodies.

With the exception of credit card insurances and some other products and services that we offer or provide on behalf of certain clients, we may, where permitted by law or with your consent, contact you by telephone, normal mail, email, electronic messages such as SMS, and via other means with promotional material and offers of products or services from us, our related companies, as well as offers from our business partners that we consider may be relevant and of interest to you. Where we contact you as a result of obtaining your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by calling us on 1800 023 767 or by contacting us – see below.

When you provide personal information to us about other individuals, we rely on you to have first obtained the individual’s consent, and have made them aware of the matters set out in this Privacy Notice.You may also (1) seek access to your personal data and ask about its origin, the purposes of the processing, and details of the data controller or data processor, and the parties to whom it may be disclosed; (2) ask us to correct and update your personal information, (3) ask for a copy of your personal data in an electronic format for yourself or for someone you nominate.
You may in some circumstances restrict the processing of your personal data, and request that it be deleted. Where your personal information is used or processed with your specific consent as the sole basis for processing (rather than on a contractual basis or legitimate interest), you may withdraw your consent at any time. You may not access or correct personal information of others unless you have been authorised by their express consent, or unless they are your dependants under 16 years of age.

If you have a request or complaint concerning your personal information or about data privacy, please contact: Privacy Officer, Allianz Global Assistance, PO Box 162, Toowong, QLD 4066, or email

You can also contact the Privacy Commissioner at the Office of The Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box 218, Sydney, NSW 2601 if you have a complaint.

For more information about our corporate privacy policy and handling of personal information, including further details about access, correction and complaints, please visit our website at and click on the Privacy & Security link.

If you do not agree with the matters set out in our privacy policy or will not provide us with the personal information we request, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services including the assessment and payment of any claims. In cases where we cannot comply with your request concerning your personal information, we will give you reasons why.

In these terms and conditions, the following words have the following meanings:

accident: a vehicle damaged by impact or collision of any nature, or by attempted or successful theft or break in to the vehicle.

Audi: Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 14 093 117 876) trading as Audi Australia, Level 7 895 South Dowling Street, Zetland NSW 2017.

authorised repairer: an Audi dealer, a servicing dealer or a repairer that has been authorised and approved by Audi to undertake workshop repairs to the vehicle, or in areas where no authorised repairers are located, a repairer recommended by us. We are not responsible for any costs for work carried out by an authorised repairer (including a repairer recommended by us) and all repairs and costs are your responsibility.

breakdown: mechanical or electrical fault which has caused the vehicle to be immobilised or become unsafe to drive (whether in transit or otherwise). Breakdown can also include a flat tyre, flat or faulty battery, or keys which have been locked in the vehicle or lost.

callout: roadside assistance provided by our customer service assistant over the telephone or by us or a service provider at or from the breakdown location.

home: your home or business address as registered on our roadside assistance system.

minor breakdown repairs: minor repairs of an immobilised vehicle (including components) to facilitate the immediate mobilisation of the vehicle. It does not include workshop repairs which may require diagnostic equipment or parts or repairs and does not include servicing of vehicles.

mobile or mobilised: means moving or capable of moving using the vehicle’s own power and as intended by the manufacturer when operating normally.

“Immobile” and “immobilised” have the corresponding meaning.

restricted access area: an area that is protected by security and/or other systems designed to prevent access by unauthorised people and includes areas that we do not have permission to enter (including but not limited to airports, sporting venues, protests and concerts).

roadworthy well maintained vehicle: maintained vehicle that is mechanically sound and otherwise fit to be operated and driven on Australian roads. The vehicle will comply with the minimum safety and other standards required by Australian road safety and transport laws and regulations and also be maintained and serviced by qualified personnel to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended standards and specifications set out in the vehicle service booklet and instruction manual.

service area: an area or location in mainland Australia with made roads or Tasmania, Phillip Island, North Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island, Kangaroo Island, King Island, Fraser Island and Thursday Island. In the event where the provision of services incurs ferry or over-sea transport costs, you will be responsible for such extra costs.

service provider: a mobile mechanic, tow truck operator or other roadside assistance provider nominated by us. serviceable spare: a wheel and tyre that is ready and able to be fitted to mobilise your vehicle after changing a flat tyre.

vehicle: your nominated vehicle registered on our roadside assistance system.

we or us or our: AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as Allianz Global Assistance, our employees, agents, contractors, and related companies.

you or your: the member.