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The Audi Q8 sets new standards with its mild-hybrid engine technology, offering powerful and supremely efficient engines.

Fuel type

2 out of a total amount of 2 engines


50 TDI quattro tiptronic

0.00 AUD

  • 6.3 Seconds
  • 2,967 
  • 600/ 2,250 - 3,250 
  • 210 kW

55 TFSI quattro tiptronic

0.00 AUD

  • 5.9 Seconds
  • 2,995 
  • 500 / 2,900 - 5,300 
  • 250 kW

No engine found.

No motors are available for this type of fuel in the equipment line currently selected.


  • Acceleration
  • Displacement
  • Max. Torque
  • Max. Power

TFSI and TDI engines

The Audi TFSI petrol and TDI engines combine direct injection with turbocharging. With their mild hybrid technology, the result is increased efficiency without compromising on power.

quattro all-wheel drive

Audi quattro all-wheel drive delivers superb handling and traction, while enhancing stability on wet or low grip surfaces. The distribution of power from the front to rear is adjusted automatically, with up to 70 percent of drive to the front wheels and up to 85 percent to the rear for optimum handling. The asymmetric/dynamic torque distribution to all wheels increases safety by automatically adjusting to changing surface conditions within a fraction of a second.

Model Year 2022 production