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Audi S3 Sedan

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Focused performance

The turbocharged 2.0 TFSI engine of the Audi S3 Sedan produces 213 kW of power, which is paired with the legendary quattro all-wheel drive system. The result: blistering acceleration and maximum control.

quattro all-wheel drive

Audi quattro all-wheel drive delivers superb handling and traction, while enhancing stability on wet or low grip surfaces. This system includes an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the rear axle and wheel-selective torque control. It continuously monitors the driving state and distributes the drive torque between the front and rear axle. The wheel-selective torque control, which is integrated in the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), gently brakes the near-side wheels during sporty cornering, increasing the drive torque on the far-side wheels.

S tronic

The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with electrohydraulic actuation facilitates faster gear changes whilst also improving fuel efficiency. A sport program is also available which can be operated automatically with the selector lever.