Frequently Asked Questions for Customers making an Online Reservation for a Brand New Car in Stock

Why reserve a stock car online?
Reserving a stock car online is a new way for you to begin the sales journey with a dealer by transacting remotely. Start the conversation at a time and place that suits you. Your dealer will then discuss options for completing the journey online, or face-to-face.

Your dealer will confirm availability of the stock car you reserved and hold it for a minimum of 3 business days while you move through the sales journey together. You can cancel the reservation at any time if you decide not to purchase and receive a full refund of your reservation fee from the dealer. You can also request an extension to the minimum 3 business day reservation period if you need more time to finalise your purchase.

It should only take around 5 minutes to reserve your ideal Audi by completing our simple online reservation form that includes payment of a refundable $500 reservation fee to your dealer.
Do I need to pay for a stock car reservation?
A reservation fee of $500 is payable to the selling dealer through the online form. This is required for your dealer to hold a stock car for the minimum 3 business days after you have submitted your reservation (subject to the dealer confirming availability of your selected car). If you proceed with a sale, the dealer will deduct your reservation fee from the final purchase price agreed between you and the dealer. The reservation fee is fully refundable on request or if you have not reached a sale agreement within 3 business days (or longer as agreed with your dealer).
Can I negotiate the price?
The pricing displayed for a car listed on the Audi Stock Locator is the Manufacturer’s Recommended Drive Away Price at the time of publishing for that particular car (including any additional options and other features installed in the car). You can negotiate the final sale price of a vehicle as well as trade-in value and financing options directly with the selling dealer at any point prior to entering into a sale agreement.
What if I have a trade-in?
We provide a simple trade-in form that you can complete as part of the stock car reservation process. Once you have submitted your online reservation, the selling dealer will contact you to discuss how they can help with your trade-in as part of the sales journey.
What if I change my mind?
The selling dealer can apply your $500 reservation fee to another car within their stock and hold the car for a minimum of 3 business days. Alternatively, if you decide not to proceed with a purchase, the selling dealer will cancel your stock car reservation and provide a full refund of your $500 reservation fee.
Can I finance my new Audi?
Audi Financial Services offers finance solutions for purchases of our cars, subject to finance approval. You can express your interest in Audi Financial Services as part of the stock car reservation process and the selling dealer will provide more information on available rates.
When will my new Audi be ready to collect?
New cars in stock can be located at the dealership or an external storage facility. The selling dealer will be able to provide accurate timings for when a specific car will be available to collect.
Do I have to visit the dealership?
No. For your convenience, your dealer will gladly discuss alternative options for a test drive and completing the sale process online, or face-to-face.
What if I have any other questions?
If you have any specific questions regarding a stock car or the sales journey for online reservations, please contact your preferred Audi dealer who will gladly assist.