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Audi Ice driving experience

Audi Dynamic driving experience

Audi Dynamic driving experience

This one day experience will change you as a driver. The Audi professional driving team will teach you to drive at a level you never knew you were capable of. From ultimate car control to dynamic driving at speed, you will build skills, expertise and a whole new level of confidence. They will move your skillset from the road to the track, providing you with expert tuition that will take you as a driver to a whole new level.

You will get the opportunity to drive select vehicles in the Audi RS range as well as arguably the world’s fastest SUV on the Nürburgring, the RS Q8. You will experience all-new levels of power, excitement and enjoyment as you develop new skills and a level of confidence behind the wheel you’ve never before thought possible.

Audi Dynamic driving experience

  • Experience Duration: 1 Day
  • Experience Cost: $1,395 (incl. GST)
  • Experience Vehicles: RS 3, RS 5, RS 6, RS Q8, RS e-tron GT.
Audi Dynamic driving experience

Program Skills:

  • Steering slalom
  • Wet skid identification and control plus oversteer practice
  • High speed ABS emergency braking with obstacle avoidance
  • Cornering theory & practice
  • Motorkhana competition
  • Open track lapping

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