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How quattro works

quattro in all its forms

Using leading edge technology, quattro is designed to give you the superior driving performance, fuel efficiency and power in any weather or terrain.

Distributing power to the wheel, the Audi quattro system ensures you not only stay safe and in control, but that you experience the best grip and traction when you need it the most.

  • 844x476_clutch-min2.jpg
    Multi-plate clutch

    To balance performance and efficiency, the hydraulic multi-plate clutch can distribute power and torque to the front, rear or variably between both axles based on the driving conditions to maximize drivability.
    Models equipped with this quattro system includes: A3, Q3, TT, RS 3, TT RS and R8

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    Self-locking differential

    Delivering torque between the front and rear with a 40 to 60 percent distribution, this quattro system engages all four wheels regularly. The system can push power forwards, backwards, left or right, depending on the driving situation and terrain.
    Models available with this quattro system include: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q7, Q8, RS 4, RS 5

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    quattro with ultra technology

    quattro with ultra offers maximum traction on multiple terrains with a new level of efficiency. Using cutting edge technology and sensors, our quattro all-wheel drive system examines road conditions and uses this data to respond proactively to your driving behaviour and driving needs. Models available with this quattro system include: A4 allroad TFSI quattro, A6 55 TFSI quattro, A7 55 TFSI quattro, Q5 45 TFSI quattro, Q5 40 TDI quattro

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    The latest generation in all-wheel drive technologies, is the electric all-wheel drive system. Designed for our electric Audi line up to maximize efficiency, the electric quattro all-wheel drive system can modify or alter the amount of power being sent to each individual wheel to meet driving conditions. Unlike our other quattro systems, the electric all-wheel drive system is around 30 milliseconds faster in distributing torque because it sends power from the electric motors to the wheels versus through a mechanical clutch. Under normal driving conditions, to boost range capability and minimize energy consumption, the electric all-wheel drive will deliver power only to the rear wheels.
    Models available with this quattro system include: e-tron quattro

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