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Audi e-tron Home Charging

Home charging.

Charge your electric vehicle conveniently at home. The best time is at night, when the vehicle is not in use. Step into the charged vehicle in the morning and enjoy the pleasure of driving. By providing e-tron charging systems, Audi offers a powerful, intelligent, and holistic charging concept.

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Modular and flexible: The compact e-tron charging system

The modular e-tron compact charging system gives you maximum flexibility. It consists of an operating unit including a vehicle connection cable and two mains connection cables - one with a household plug and one with an industrial plug. The e-tron charging system compact has a charging capacity of up to 11 kW¹. On the control unit, the user can manually switch between 100 percent and 50 percent charging performance. This can be useful if other electrical appliances are already in use at home. The e-tron charging system displays the status of the charging system and the charging process concisely by means of LEDs on the operating unit.

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    An introduction to EV charging
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    Revealing the charging sockets
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    Locating the e-tron charging cables
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    Starting you charge
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Home check and installation service

The recommended EV charging installation partner for Audi is JET Charge – one of Australia’s largest EV charging infrastructure specialists. JET Charge have made the installation process easy by combining the home assessment and installation into one process. Once organised with your Audi e-tron Dealer, a JET Charge technician will arrive at your home, perform a site assessment, and provide you with a confirmation of scope and an individual offer. Should you wish to accept that offer, most installations can occur on the day.

Alternatively, a pre-installation home check, which is subject to charge, is a professional check of your electrical installation suitability for charging an electric vehicle. You can order this directly from JET Charge, for a fee. A JET Charge technician will advise you on charging options that may already be available, but will also inform you about the best possible charging solution with optimum charging times and costs. Should the electrician recommend adjustments to your house electrical system, they will prepare an individual offer for you. This process can be performed prior to the vehicle arriving.

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    e-tron in everyday life

    The incredible acceleration. The almost silent drive. The great feeling of driving locally without CO2 emissions.

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    Public charging

    Whether it's the freedom to drive around the city or open road with an electric vehicle or the flexibility to charge it as needed when you're taking a break.

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¹The charging capacity depends on the type of mains connection plug, country-specific voltage, number of available phases of the power grid, and customer-specific house installation. It can therefore be reduced on an individual basis. The power supply cable with an industrial plug and the operating unit of the charging system are matched to each other and allow a certain charging capacity. Changing the power supply cable later to another industrial plug is technically possible, but this may lead to a lower charging performance.