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Audi Sport Pro driving experience

Audi Sport Pro driving experience

Needless to say, this high-performance program takes things to the next level, not only honing your skills on the track but sending your excitement and adrenalin levels through the roof.

You will join a select group of drivers, each looking to learn the secrets of the track. More importantly, you will do so sitting behind the wheel of one of the most iconic performance vehicles in the world, the award-winning Audi R8. You will receive personalised tuition with one of our world-class instructors who will show you the driver you can become. From finding the perfect racing line, optimised braking points and entry and exit points for smooth cornering, you will be amazed just how much you will be taught in on the day.

Activities include full track analysis, one-on-one personal coaching, full Grand Prix track lapping and lapping debrief and analysis.

Program Skills

- Full circuit walk and track analysis
- Warm-up training
- One-on-one personal coaching
- Full Grand Prix track lapping
- Lapping debrief and analysis

Available experiences

  • Experience Duration

    1 Day

  • Experience Cost

    $3500 (incl. GST)**

  • Experience Vehicles



To participate in this experience, you need a full Australian driver’s licence and must be at least 18 years old.
*Specific models within the S, RS, and TT ranges are subject to availability.

**Pricing is for Audi driving experience only. Excludes flight costs and any other travel-related, accommodation-related or other ancillary costs.