Destination Entry Google Maps

Start planning your trip at home using your myAudi app or Google Maps to create routes and navigation destinations and send your data directly to your vehicles MMI navigation system. When you start driving, you do not have to enter or set anything else – just select the destination in the menu and start directly with the route guidance.



  • Offers convenient input at any time and at any place via myAudi app
  • Facilitates navigation in the car
  • Allows you to store up to 50 individual destinations


  • A1*, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8 and e-tron ranges: The SIM card is integrated in the vehicle
  • myAudi app for use with a smartphone
  • myAudi account and pairing with vehicle

*Only available on A1 variants equipped with MMI navigation plus