Pure adrenalin

Take your driving skills to a whole new level and experience the pure adrenalin of the country’s benchmark performance driving program. The Audi driving experience has cemented its reputation for excellence in high-performance driver training, boasting the finest, internationally-accredited instructors, an impressive choice of programs and of course, the most comprehensive fleet of award-winning performance vehicles on offer.

Hone your driving skills, refine your car control in all conditions and turn your performance dreams into reality. Whether you already have extensive experience behind the wheel and are looking for new challenges, or are simply looking to sharpen your skills and make more of your daily driving experience, there is a course that will not only deliver, but exceed your expectations.


Since its inception the Audi driving experience has set the standard. From participants experiencing high performance motoring for the first time, to seasoned enthusiasts taking their automotive skills all the way to the Audi race experience, the verdict has been unanimous.

#I’d just like to take a moment now that I’m home to say thanks to Steve Pizzati and the team for the amazing experience at Phillip Island yesterday with the Audi R8 LMS. The car was amazing and the experience is one that first I will never forget, and secondly am now addicted to and need more…
Nathan Parsons (Audi race experience)

#Thank you very much and thank you for such an amazing day. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!
Braden Walters (Audi advanced driving experience)

#It was a fantastic experience and a pleasure to have my wits scared out of me by such professional and personable characters such as your drive team. I’ll be back for the next stage.
Vic Gastev (Audi advanced driving experience)

#Please pass on my thanks to the team for a great time last weekend, particularly on Saturday (race experience) which was obviously awesome fun.
Bruce MacDonald (Audi sportscar and Audi race experience)

A big thank you to our Audi driving experience partners Pirelli, Vittoria Coffee and Clinique.